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Get translation services in India at amazingly lower cost without compromising on quality

Our Services

Translation, Localization, Interpretation and DTP solutions:

Professional Translation

Get all your translation from any European Language to English and from English to Hindi and any other Indian language at less than 50% of prevailing market rate in USA, UK and Europe

Website Localization

Your website is the first interface with the potential customer. Localize your website to get noticed. "Multi-lingual website in all Indian Languages is proving to be the most cost-effective solution and essential ingredient to penetrate Indian Market."

Medical Translation

We lay great emphasis on quality. Our quality standards are appreciated by some global companies like Bayer, Macleoids, Lupin, Cipla, ACG-Pam and many others.

Marketing Translation

We are one of the foremost agencies in India for translation of advertising campaigns in all Indian languages.Our translators are experienced in idiomatic translation and can account for cultural nuances that exist in the different region and accordingly trans-create the content.

Voice-Over & Sub-titling

Due to multi-lingual and multi-cultural nature that exists in India, audio-visual localization in many Indian Languages is a great solution.

Interpretation Services

‘Say what you mean’ by way of interpreting your message to your customers, suppliers, business partners and employees at conferences, seminars, trade-shows, meetings etc., in their language

Why Choose Us

We believe ‘Language is not a barrier but a powerful driving force provided translation is done by professional translators who are in-country native speakers of the target language’. We are the language people for many Advertising Agencies and FMCG companies who require trans-creation of their creative headline, marketing translation of copy matter and adaptation of advertisement material in various sizes and languages as per media specs.

We are ISO Certified Professional translation services provider in India since 1968 and are most preferred language service providers for Pharmaceutical companies who need clinical trial forms and research report for publication in all Indian Languages. Apart from we are offering translation, localization and interpretation services for technical, marketing, legal and financial industry in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and covering all over India.

Our translator-linguists are expert linguists with years of experience and specialization in the chosen field. They are conversant with latest CAT tools. Due to our strong network of native translators with Industry expertise and our internal quality process as well as use of translation technology tools, we are in a position to assure top quality document translation services at most competitive rates.

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