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There are different kinds of terminologies used in the field of pharmacology and clinical research. One can easily find them on medication, prescription, etc. Besides, it consists of some other relevant information as well like the dosage, storage, warnings, side effects, etc. All this information is not always mentioned in the appropriate languages, which in turn causes misinterpretation. Our clinical protocols translation service enters the picture as a path-breaking venture in this context. We translate clinical protocols with accuracy while removing the inconvenience caused due to the language barriers. It helps in dropping obstacles in the international export/import of drugs and devices.

Our Domain Specific Services

Bhasha Bharati Arts, an ISO Certified Company offers a complete package of clinical protocols translation to the enterprises associated with pharmacology and clinical research industry. Our services in this specific domain include biotech firms, pharmaceutical corporations, CROs, and all those businesses that are into clinical trials and approval of new medications. It involves the experienced translators certified into European and Asian languages.

The sponsor has to develop a clinical protocol in details for every clinical trial. It should describe the objectives of research, the complete procedure of the trial, and the methodology for analyzing the results. Before starting the trial, an ethics committee examines the protocol thoroughly. The most important thing one should keep in mind while developing a contract is its compliance with the International Conference guidelines on Harmonization (ICH) for legitimate clinical practices. With an adept team of qualified and expert clinical protocols translators at our end, you can be rest assured of all these necessities.

Suitable For Translation In Assorted Languages

Furthermore, for the approval of the new drug into the new market, one has to submit translated clinical protocol synopsis in all relevant languages. In Europe, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) examines and authorizes the synopsis. Also, there are different authorities for other regions. You can trust our translation services to ensure prompt approval in all such cases.

With 50+ years of work experience in this field, Bhasha Bharati Arts provide clinical protocols translation service for European as well as Asian languages. Our industry-leading expertise also let you assist your clients in the difficulties of regulatory risk and patient safety during the research.

Why Choose Us?

We hold credible experience in the field of clinical protocols translation. In addition, you can hire our services for numerous other translation-related tasks at your end. Having spent more than 5 decades in the industry, we proudly boast to have translated the documents in more than 100 languages. Not to mention, our clientele spans not only pan India but across the world. We assure quick turnaround time with the help of our accurate and proficient translators. Specifically, we excel in offering medical translation services and ensure high degree secrecy throughout your projects.

Feel free to approach us for the price quote and queries related to the translation of clinical protocols. Our cost-effective translation services will surely benefit your cause.

We believe ‘Language is not a barrier but a powerful driving force provided translation is done by professional translators who are in-country native speakers of the target language’.


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