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Informed consent is one of the essential pre-requisites of clinical trials or surgical procedure. In this process, a medical practitioner provides critical medical information to the patients and their relatives. The primary intention of issuing informed consent to the patients is to clarify their ambiguities regarding any clinical trial or surgical procedure prior to the treatment.

In a country like India, where the majority of people are hardly able to understand the medical terms, the necessity of informed consent document translation services is rising. Many such translation platforms are coming ahead by claiming themselves as proficient informed consent translators. However, practically it is not a cakewalk to undertake this type of translation.

Elements Of An Informed Consent Document

While every individual’s medical setup has its own format for informed consent document, here are 2 common yet essential factors:

Clinical investigation

When we talk about informed consent document translation, the first thing that professional's view is the information about the clinical investigation.

Risks and associated discomforts

In addition to the clinical investigation, it is essential for medical professionals to ensure that the informed consent displays clinical risks. It should also show the discomforts that the patient is likely to undergo following the medical procedure.


In addition to lingual proficiency, it becomes mandatory for the informed consent document translation agencies to employ translators who can easily communicate with the clinical coordinators. At times, the patient might need in-depth information about the clinical study that he has to undergo. This is where a translator plays a chief role in back translation. This holds true when the patient hails from a non-English background with absolutely no knowledge about the English technicality.


The primary purpose of informed consent translation service is to communicate the benefits of undergoing the clinical trial or surgical procedure. These benefits altogether highlight the importance of the medical process that the patient has to undergo. Hence, the informed consent document should portray this information fruitfully.

Here are some of the crucial things every informed consent document translation service provider must be aware of:


All such informed consent translation agencies must possess a valid certification for functioning as a professional. Accreditation assures that the translators are reliable and have undergone a certain level of training for translating informed consent document.

Back translation

Sometimes, the translation agencies may have to back-translate the informed consent document. Hence, it becomes mandatory for such agencies to possess adequate back translational accuracy and precision. After the completion of back translation, the project manager should assess the level of accuracy of both the documents.

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