Our Clients

Our clients have chosen us because of our ability to provide:

  1. Translators with domain knowledge
  2. Project Managers with experience
  3. Technology usage for accuracy, speed and savings
We have helped many companies ‘break the language barrier’, by providing translation and localization solution. Due to our industry orientation, clients find it convenient to brief us on their requirement and get their translation projects on time.

Advertising & Marketing

The challenge of advertising and marketing translation is doing justice to the creative copy by translating the content in the language of the target audience. This involves:

  1. Translation that goes beyond words.
  2. Trans-creation that ‘Says what you mean’.
  3. Localization that connects culturally.

We are one of the foremost agencies in India for marketing translation service. We have provided language support by way of adaptation artwork,translation of campaign material in all Indian language and idiomatic translation of creative headlines to leading advertising agencies, FMCG companies and marketing organizations in India.

Some of our clients with whom we have long-standing relationships are

Quotien Communications
bc web wise
leo burnett
xebec communication

We believe ‘Language is not a barrier but a powerful driving force provided translation is done by professional translators who are in-country native speakers of the target language’.

Information Technology

India is one of the IT capitals of the world as major multinationals have set up their base in India not only for ease of operation but also to get cost efficiency. Professional skill and English literacy are some of the factors that enable ease of operation. Software Localization in multiple languages and technical translation is done by our expert project management team and localization engineers.

We support Digital India drive and have been serving IT companies to translate their technical documents from European language to English and web apps website and mobile apps localization from English to all Indian languages.

Some of our clients with whom we have long-standing relationships are Horizzon Information Technologies , Leisure & Lifestyle Information Services , The Information Co. Pvt. Ltd and so on.


In order to Make-in-India and market in India multi-lingual communication in all Indian language is necessary. English has limited reach. Hence manufacturing and Engineering companies across sectors go for translation of their user manuals, technical journals, documents of various types in order to reach out to vast majority of Indian population. They rely on BhashaBharati Arts due to availability of professional translators with domain expertise.

Some of our clients with whom we have long standing relationships are Wanbury Limited, Macleods Pharmaceuticals Limited, Godrej Consumer Products Limited and so on.

Medical & Healthcare

We are pioneers in translation for medical and healthcare industry. We have served most Pharmaceutical companies. Medical research institute, healthcare units with translation of various types of clinical research forms, medical brochures, literatures for over four decades and have won kudos from giants in medical industry. Our quality standards are top most and in par with international standards.

Some of our clients with whom we have long standing relationships are Bayer, Lupin, Sun Pharma, CIPLA and so on.

Banking, Finance & Insurance

The financial service sector in India is dominated by Banks which have more than 60% share of total assets. With the focus on ‘Digital India’, ‘Cashless translation’, Banks have adopted technology to serve their customer. Alongside, the need to communicate in local language is a must. We have partnered with major Banking and Insurance company in long terms contract to serve their day to day requirement of translation of documents and have satisfied their requirement of confidentiality too.

Some of our clients with whom we have long standing relationships are Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd., NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE OF INDIA LTD. (NSE), Invesco Asset Management (India) Private Limited and so on.

Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism sector rely on us for localization, translation and interpretation service. The need for translation with a local touch and understanding the cultural diversity of India cannot be underestimated when it comes to communicating with customers who are on travel and want to interact with people who do not speak their language. BhashaBharatiArts, acts as a via media for this hospitality industry which is always in need of multi-lingual translation. Due to our experience of over four decades, we are in a better position than others. We have done website translation in Hindi and other Indian Language for Ministry of India for tourism. The translation of Incredible India campaign was done by us through their advertising agencies GREY Worldwide.

Some of our clients with whom we have long standing relationships are GREY worldwide RIYA TRAVEL, MANAS TRAVEL, Traveldost and so on.

Riya Travel
Media and Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment industry is a sunrise sector for the economy, making high growth strides. The industry has been primarily driven by increasing digitization and higher internet usage over the last decade. The Internet has almost become mainstream media for entertainment for most people.

With the booming Indian economy, the Media and Entertainment sector continues its upward growth journey.

Bhasha Bharati works across industries, viz. television, radio, films, print, and digital, amongst others, and helps organizations improve effectiveness and achieve long-term results with translation services.

Some of our clients with whom we have long-standing relationships are Tata Sky Broadband, Carnival Cinemas, Zee Entertainment and so on.

carnival cinemas
tata sky

The market research industry has grown steadily over the last five years, but innovations in this sector can rapidly increase the potential revenue in the future.

According to a recent report by First Research Inc., the global market research industry produces $45 billion in revenue each year. Although Europe and the United States lead the industry overall, other countries such as China, Brazil, Russia, and India are experiencing increasing demand for services related to market research.

We serve Market research companies ( IMRB, Crisil, and Dun & Bradstreet ) in translation of their research papers and documents in 100+ Indian and foreign languages.