Our Edge
  • Over 40 years of providing language solutions
  • Engages only professional translators after evaluation
  • Proofreading is a must and comes free of cost
  • Comprehensive range of service
  • Wide spectrum of clients across industry classifications
  • ISO certified for Quality Adherence
  • Pioneers in Medical translation
  • One of the first to provide translation and artwork in all Indian languages under one roof for advertising agencies in India
  • One of the first to install high-end computers for typesetting and DTP
  • Foremost in adopting latest translation technologies like SDLX, TRADOS etc
  • One of the few agencies in India for translation in any Indian Language including rare language
  • At least 5 Native translators for each language pairs
  • Over 200 languages
  • Most competitive rates

We believe ‘Language is not a barrier but a powerful driving force provided translation is done by professional translators who are in-country native speakers of the target language’.