Good quality translation is the one that has the ability to connect and this is possible by accounting for cultural nuances while doing the translation. Hence we select only professional translators for marketing translation services who have the knowledge of the culture and the region for doing linguistic and styling changes. Our translators are professional native speakers and hence can account for cultural nuances that exist in the different region and accordingly trans-create the content.

Why Marketing translation is different from literal translation?

A plain literal translation, though correct, will lack in punch and style of the original message. And sometimes can change the meaning of your message to such an extent that it turns funny or downright offensive.

Take for instance the advertisement of Thums up with its headline “Taste the Thunder”. A literal translation will be funny.

The idiomatic translation will take into consideration, the thought behind the original message and accordingly come out with an equally powerful headline that has the same impact as the original.

Advertising copy's tone, understated meanings and designs need to be adapted such that it feels as if it has been written specifically for the target market. Only then the meaning, flair and effectiveness of your translated message will be as good as that of the original.

To assure that you don't get bad translations, we only use qualified in-country translators who have sound experience in creative writing and are thorough with the cultural intricacies of the target market.

Further, we involve you in each stage of translations to keep in sync with your expectations.

Once your translation is done, our team of in-house DTP experts will work on the layout and deliver it in any of the electronic file formats such as QuarkXpress, InDesign, Pagemaker, Powerpoint, Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw.

The services that we provide in marketing translation include corporate brochures, company presentations, corporate websites, corporate AV’s, product data sheets and many more.

We provide Accuracy, Speed and Savings. Get all your translation from and to English at amazingly lower cost without compromising on quality.

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