Medical Translation Services in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad

We lay great importance to the quality of the translation. That’s why we go to great length in writer selection and empanelment. Our translators for medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry are experienced and +qualified professionals with proven track record of handling translation of all sorts of medical and research related documents with great accuracy.

We are one of the pioneers in India for Medical translations from English to all Indian Languages.

We ensure strict compliance with regulatory authorities’ needs, process guidelines and quality process. Our quality measures are valued by a portion of the worldwide organizations like Bayer, Macleoids, Lupin, Cipla, ACG-Pam and numerous others.

All our translators are selected, evaluated and empanelled

Writer Selection

  • Specialized Knowledge in domain
  • Translated at least 100,000 words
  • Two references for previous projects
  • Translate only into their mother tongue
  • Qualified in their technical areas
  • Residence proof
  • Copy of certificates and awards

Writer Evaluation

  • Sample Translation: Candidate submits sample translation from source English file provided
  • Back Translation: 2nd translator back translates the candidate’s translated text back to English
  • Validation: Internal validator compares the source English and the backward translation into English to mark differences.
  • Reports discrepancies: Project Manager discusses issues with translator and back-translator for generating final score

We are leaders in Indian language medical translation services

The major challenges for any medical company targeting Indian audience are the different local cultures, numerous dialects and languages that can perplex even local managers. Since 50 years in Medical Language Translation Services, we have been helping many drugs and device manufacturing companies to reach the wider and complex Indian market, with great success.

The services that we provide in medical translation include medical reports, ICF forms, drug patents, medical journals, dossiers, medical thesis and many more.

Our clients have trusted us to deliver their advertising, marketing and training materials on time and ready for deployment, with expertly translated content that is culturally and contextually accurate.

As leaders in Indian language clinical translation services, we have provided the solution to translate trial documents from the protocol to the patient reported outcomes and everything in between.

  • Protocols
  • Reports
  • Case report forms
  • Informed consents
  • Patient-reported outcomes

We have helped many drug and device companies translate adverse event and safety documentation, pharmaco-vigilance and risk management reviews and clinical trial documentation.

  • Adverse events
  • Safety reports
  • Post-market clinical trial documentation
  • Risk management
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • R & D Translation

Most medical companies have their research centres in more than one country or continent. Exchange of data and ideas between them is essential for the faster development of new products.We have helped many drug and device companies translate R & D documentation, from design documents and test reports to patents.

  • PatentsArticles
  • Test reports
  • Design documents
  • Regulatory Translation

We have on our panel, the very best Indian language medical translation professionals. We help you to get dossiers and other regulatory documents submitted quickly and with the confidence that translated documentation convecenter same meaning as the source documents.


Whether it is document translation or translation of technical, medical or marketing subject, we have domain experts to ensure top quality translation.