There are about 120 languages spoken in India. This multilingualism makes for a very diverse and interesting culture, which varies depending on the region and state you are in. Each state in India is different from the other states in terms of language, culture, tradition and customs being followed. The common link language is English and Hindi.

Uttar Pradesh – A State with Language variation

Language of Uttar Pradesh

Hindi is the official language of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Within Uttar Pradesh there are variations of Hindi Language due to cultural, social and cultural differences that exists. There are variations Hindi dialect spoken across regions. Khadiboli (also Khadiboli or khari dialect) is a dialet of Hindi language, spoken in Western Uttar Pradesh. Brajbhasha is a dialect of Hindi Language, spoken in Mathura, Vrindavana, Agra, Aligarh, Bareli, Bulandhshahar and Dhaulpur. Bundeli, Avadhi and Chattisgarhi are the dialects of Hindi spoken in Eastern Uttarpradesh. Kannauji is spoken in the districts of Kannauj, Farukkhabad, Hardoi, Shahjahanpur, Pilibhit, Itavah and western parts of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The common language is English and Hindi. English is used for official and professional discussion. Hindi is the lingua franca of Uttar Pradesh.

There are other variations of Hindi and other regional languages. They are not significant for translation purpose as the number of speakers who do not know any other language is less.

About Kanpur - A district in Uttar Pradesh

Kanpur the second largest city in the state of Uttar Pradesh after Lucknow, and the most populous metropolis in Uttar Pradesh. It is largest urban agglomeration in Uttar Pradesh, People of Kanpur are very simple and lives very ordinary life far apart from the showy life like many big cities. People of Kanpur are very harmonious and pay great respect to their elders.

The presence of a large number of tanneries in the city has helped it earn the name ‘Leather Capital of India’. Today, the city is particularly well-known for Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK), one of the most prestigious engineering and research institutes in India.

Kanpur Memorial Church, JK Temple and Allen Forest Zoo are some of the popular tourist attractions. The suburb of Jajmau is believed to be the oldest inhabited area of the region, dating back to 1300 – 1200 BCE according to the excavations, and contains various historical artifacts.

Population of Kanpur

Kanpur city had a population of 2,767,031 as per census 2011. The literacy rate was 84.14%. The Kanpur urban agglomeration had a population of 2,920,067 with a literacy rate of 83.98%.

Language of Kanpur

The common language is Hindi. Hindi is the lingua franca of Uttar Pradesh. Urdu and Awadhi are also spoken by a minority. Most of the educated professionals in the city are well-versed in English.

Religion in Kanpur

Hinduism is followed in Kanpur but Islam and Sikhism is also followed. 78% of the population are Hindus, 19% are Muslims, and 3% are others.

Culture of Kanpur

Local Festivals, Music and Art: The main festival celebrated in Kanpur is Holi. This festival is celebrated with full joy and ecstasy among the local people and different colors fills one’s life with colors. Other festivals like Diwali, Id, and Janmashtami are also celebrated in Kanpur. The famous Ganga Fair is held for five days each year, attracting people from all walks of life. Kanpur has played an important role in the propagation of ‘Nautanki’, a theatre form. Cultural events such as Ram Lila provide a platform to budding artists. Classical Indian dance and music forms are also very popular in Kanpur.

Food: Kanpur is famous for its multi-cuisine food. The food in Kanpur is inspired by Awadhi cuisine. Thaggu K Laddu, Banarasi Chai, and Biryani and its mouth-watering Chat are some of the famous delicacies!!

Economy of Kanpur

The city which was known as Manchester of the East during the British rule produces 15 percent of share of India’s leather produce. The city besides leather products produces products of distinct niche segments including cotton, hosiery, paint and allied sector among others. Kanpur is the most important industrial centre in Uttar Pradesh. It lies on the banks of Ganga. It is famous for leather and textile goods of fine quality. It is now one of the major industrial cities with aviation, wool and leather industries, cotton, flour and vegetable oil mills, sugar refineries and chemical works.

Demand for Translation Service in Kanpur

Due to Government of India’s initiative to make Kanpur a top class city and the Smart City initiative as well as due to major corporate involvement, Kanpur has become one of the major growth area. Translation plays a significant role in communicating and involving the trading community, Industrialists, investors to come together in this development task.

In Kanpur Multi-Lingual Translation is a must.

We believe ‘Language is not a barrier but a powerful driving force provided translation is done by professional translators who are in-country native speakers of the target language’.



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