India is a multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-cultural nation with each city contributing towards growth. Mangalore city in Karnataka state is one of them.

Why Translation Service in Mangalore?

Mangalore is the chief port city of Karnataka

Mangalore is now being officially known as Mangaluru. It is the port city and head quarter of Dakshina Karnataka District in Karnataka State. Around 75% of India's coffee, timber and cashew nuts exports are handled by the New Mangalore Port.

Historically Mangalore has been a trading and commercial centre due to its strategic localtion. Translation services for document translation from English to Kannada and other languages related to export-import business are in demand on regular basis. By having a translation service in Mangaluru, language barrier can be resolved without loss of time.

Mangalore is a major industrial center

Mangalore has major Petrochemical, Oil Refinery, and Fertilize industries. It has Ship Building, Logistics and Shipping firms. Some of the leading companies are BASF, ONGC, Kudremukh, MRPL, MCL, HPCL, BPCL etc.

Mangalore is a major manufacturing center

Mangalore has some of the leading manufacturing companies in Pharma, Food Processing, and scented candles for export to European countries. In order to serve the client needs for translation task and to coordinate with them on a regular basis, it is advantageous to have local translation service provider or contact point. This will facilitate quicker deliver of translation with appropriate translation of source material into any target language.

Mangalore is one of the fastest developing city

Many multinational corporations and domestic corporations are opening their branches in Mangalore. Many reputed builders are bringing huge development projects. There is very good growth in the retail sector and many new shopping malls are being built.

Mangalore is multi-lingual

People in Mangalore are multi-lingual. The literacy level is 100%. There exists a fine blend of old and new, tradition and modernism. The languages spoken in Mangalore are Tulu, Konkani, Kannada, Beary, English, and Hindi.

The city has a population of 623,841 as per the 2011 census of India. Majority of them are Hindus (68.99%), followed by Muslims (17.40%), Christians (13.15%), Jains (0.21%) and other religious groups (0.25%).

Mangalore is a great tourist destination

Tourist attraction in and around Mangalore are various temples and buildings. They include the Mangaladevi Temple, Kadri Manjunatha temple, St Aloysius Chapel, the Rosario Cathedral, Milagres Church, Dargah of Hazrat Shareef ul Madni at Ullal and the Zeenath Baksh Jumma Masjid in Bunder

The city is also known for beaches such as Panambur, Tannirbavi, NITK beach, Sasihithlu beach, Someshwara beach, Ullal beach, Kotekar beach and Batapady beach.

Mangalore Dasara, a ten-day festival at Sri Gokarnatheswara temple attracts devotees from various states of India who visit Mangalore to witness Dasara.[309] Mangaladevi Temple is another temple which attracts devotees from all over India during Navaratri.[310]

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