India – A Multi lingual Nation with Regional Bias and hence the need for Language translation with regional touch.

Each state in India is different from the other states in terms of language, culture, tradition and customs being followed. Within each state there are variations of the same language spoken in different districts. Take the example of Patna, the largest city and Capital of the state of Bihar.

Patna had an estimated city population of 1,683,287 in 2011.

Need for Translation Service in Patna

Literacy in Patna

Patna Literacy Rate: 84.71 % ( Male : 87.71 % Female : 81.33 %

Language of Patna

Hindi is the official language of the state of Bihar but many other languages are spoken too. Though, Hindi is the official language of the State and widely spoken, yet it differ greatly from the pure Hindi (Khadi Hindi) when spoken. The accent also varies. The Hindi that is spoken in the city is influenced by the regional languages like Bhojpuri, Magahi, Braj, Maithili and other local dialects. Maithili is widely spoken throughout the city. English is understood and spoken by Patnaites when they meet Non-Hindi speaking people from other states.

Culture of Patna

The people of the Patna follow a traditional way of living. The people of Patna prefers to live in the joint families. The society comprises of people of many religions, which is further divided into many castes and sub castes. The growth and the development of the people from upper castes is quite visible compared to that of the lower castes.


The majority of the people is follower of Hinduism (86.39%), followed by Islam (12.27%). Other religions are Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism and Jainism in that order.


Rice forms the staple food, eaten in combination with lentils, vegetables, chapati and pickles. People prefers to eat Samosa-Kachaudi with Jalebis in the breakfast. The famous breakfast item is Litti which is made from flour, gram flour along with several ingredients. It is becoming quite popular in other states also. Chawmins and Golgappas are favorable during evening. The non-vegetarian foods are also easily available. The other popular dishes are Sattu-Paratha, Kheer, Sewai, Keema, Khichdi, Halwa and Curries.

Performing Arts:

Many forms of regional dances can be seen in the season during festive seasons, though songs from Bollywood and Bhojpuri are also very popular.


Patna is also a big market of handicrafts items. The items made in different part of state are brought in Patna for sale. The stone works from Gaya, Bangles from Muzaffarpur, Madhubani paintings from Madhunbani, items made of bamboos and wood, Qalam paintings, Brass work, Zari work, Tikuli work, Kasida etc. are famous in Patna and adjoining areas.

Tourism in Patna

Patna is home to many tourist attractions. Tourists visiting the city accounted for 41% of the total number of tourists visiting Bihar.

Economy of Patna


Patna has long been a major agricultural hub and centre of trade. It’s most active exports are grain, sugarcane, sesame, and medium-grained Patna rice. There are several sugar mills in and around Patna. It is an important business and luxury brand centre of eastern India.

Fast moving consumer goods:

The economy of Patna has seen sustained economic growth since 2005. The economy has been spurred by growth in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry,

In 2009, the World Bank stated Patna as the second best city in India to start up a business. Patna is the 21st fastest growing city in the world, and the fifth fastest growing city in India, and is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 3.72%.

Patna has been selected as one of the hundred Indian cities to be developed as a smart city under Government of India's flagship Smart Cities Mission. Under this scheme the city will have uninterrupted electric supply, first-rate traffic and transport system, superior health care and many other prime utilities. The city will use digital technology that will act as the integral mechanism of the aforesaid facilities and thereby further elevate the lifestyle of the citizens.

As communication and Language translation plays a key role in development, it is important to have professional translation service provider in Patna.

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