India is a multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-cultural nation with many tourist attractions spread throughout the country.

There are about 120 languages spoken in the country. This multilingualism makes for a very diverse and interesting culture, which varies depending on the region and state you are in.

Each state in India is different from the other in terms of language spoken, the culture, traditions and customs being followed.

In each state, there are districts with places of interest that can be promoted to increase tourist population and thus increase revenue. Take for example Karnataka State.

About Karnataka

The population of Karnataka is more than 68 million

Karnataka is the IT hub of India and the fourth largest technology cluster in the world. About 400 of the Fortune 500 companies outsource their IT services to companies in Bengaluru.

Apart from IT, there are PSUs, Global companies, Large, Medium and Small Enterprises involved in production and services related to different fields such as Food Processing, Software Technology, Animation, Biotechnology, Aerospace, Engineering, Electronics, Chemicals, Petroleum, Automotive, Textiles and Solar and Renewable energy.

Kannada is the official and commonly spoken language. It is the native language of 66% of the population of Karnataka. Other than Kannada, there are native language speakers such as Urdu, Tulu, Konkani, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

Apart from Bengaluru being the capital, there are other major cities such as Mysuru, Mangalore, Udupi, Hubli and Dharwad which require language support for translation and localization of their product and services offerings world over.

Need for Translation Service in Udupi Udupi – A tourist attraction

Udupi is on the Konkan Coast, just north of the city of Mangalore. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Karnataka. It is notable for the Krishna Temple.

The Krishna temple is considered as one of the holiest pilgrimage sites in Southern India. Thousands of devotees visit the temple from different parts of the country all the year round.

The usual norm while visiting the Shri Krishna Temple is to pay visits to the adjacent Ananteshwara and Chadreshwara Temples before stepping into the temple of Lord Krishna.

Another tourist attraction is Maple Beach which is a lovely beach with religious and spiritual significance.


As per the Census India 2011, Udupi district has a population of 12 lakh people and the city having 1.65 lakh people

Hindus constituted about 85 percent of the population with Muslims being around 8 percent and Christians at 6 percent with other communities forming the rest. Among the many communities that call Udipi home are the Goud Saraswat Brahmins, Mangalorean Catholics, Devadigas, Mogaveeras and many others.

Kannada and Tulu are the most widely spoken language in Udupi City. Other spoken languages include Konkani, Hindi, Malayalam and English. Muslims in Udupi speak Urdu, Nawayathi and Beary.


The people of Udupi who speak Tulu, follow the culture and tradition which are in the form of ritual folk dance form known as Buta Kola, traditional folk art known as Aati Kalenja, and Nagaradhane a traditional snake worship.

One of the most celebrated festivals is the Paryaya that occurs every two years and is connected to the famous Krishna Matha.

Udipi is also famous for its cuisine, which differs from South Indian cuisine as it follows the Satvik discipline of cooking, thus excluding onion garlic, meat, fish, eggs and shellfish.

Udupi is a temple town with religious significance

Udupi attracts visitors from various countries, mainly to see the Krishna Temple. They want to know the religious significance, history, culture and traditions being followed in order to truly appreciate the faith and sentiments of the locals. To do justice while doing the translation from any language source to target language, literal translation would be confusing.

Localization is the secret of communication

India is a large country. Instead of getting a professional translation service provider who are not well versed with language variation that exists in a particular region, it is better to have someone from the local. They understand the significance of cultural nuances and stylistic changes that need to be built in while doing the translation. Effective translation is all about Localization of content. That’s why we have offices or contact point across all metros and Tier II cities which are potential markets.

That’s why we have translators who are professionally qualified, experienced with domain knowledge and available locally wherever possible to meet and interact with our clients.

Rely on Bhasha for Translation Service in Udupi

We are one of the first translation service provider to have a network of professional translators for Document translation, Government and Legal translation, Financial translation, Marketing translation, Medical translation, and other specialized translation to meet the need of customers in Assam and North Eastern State.

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  • The Karamana River starts from western Ghats and flows into Arabian Sea. The beauty of the River can be best experienced in Kovalam
  • Vellavani Lake
  • Vellavani lake is the largest fresh water lake in Trivandrum. The lake is best viewed during sun-set as it offers a calm and serene atmosphere. Boat race here during the Onam festival is a sight to be to watched.
  • Valiyathura Pier
  • VellavaniThe Valiyathura Pier is a 214 meter long pier built in the ancient port of Valiyathura. It is another relaxing beach near Kovalam. Other interesting places in around Kovalam
  • Kovalam Art Gallery, Neyyar Dam, Aruvikkara Dam, Thiruvallam Parasuram Temple and Vizhinjam Rock Cut Temple
  • Translation service in Kovalam will be advantageous for travel agents who can serve their customers with details of places to be seen and explored in Kerala. For tourist who do not know Malayalam, the spoken language of Keralites, the services of interpretators can be availed if there is a service provider in Kovalam itself.

    The official Language in Kerala State is Malayalam. Many companies in Kerala look for language solution for trade and commereece. By having translation service based in Kovalam, it becomes easy to coordinate with clients for their translation and interpretation service.

    Key Industries and Services in Kerala

    Kovalam has the highest number of State owned enterprises spread over sectors including electrical, electronics, engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical, public utility services and social welfare. SLPEs provided a strong foundation for the development of small medium and large scale industries in the State.

    Kovalam is famous for Handloom, Khadi, Handicrafts, Coir, Bamdoo and Cashew industries having busiess in Middle east and they need translation service from Malayalam to Hindi, English, Arabic and top European languages

    Rely on ‘Bhasha’ for translation and interpretation service in Kovalam

    Contact us: Send us your enquiries at our head office at 506, Reena complex, Vidhyavihar, Mumbai 400086 or email us at or speak to us by phone at or call directly +91-7066316633 for all your language service needs including representative office contact points near you.

    We believe ‘Language is not a barrier but a powerful driving force provided translation is done by professional translators who are in-country native speakers of the target language’.



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