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English is the first and most important second language for all non-native English speakers in the world. Europe has 24 languages as official language of European Union. English is the link language and hence cannot be ignored for translation purpose. We are one of the most trusted translation service provider from Mumbai, India for translation from any language to English. For over 50 years, we have been serving many companies big and small, for their translation requirement into English. Our cost are much lower than any of the professional translation service provider in Europe due to low operating cost.

Due to our experience of over 50 years in translation service from Mumbai India, we are able to provide customized language solution for many European and Western countries who want to penetrate Indian Market. We have provided Translation, Interpretation, Website Localization, Voice over and Sub-titling in many European Languages. We have created separate project management team for each of the below mentioned services

English Translation Services

Whether it is a personal letter, certificates, visa forms, business letters, sales promotional and marketing material translation into English is a must for most of the European countries. This is because, English is the second best common language for business or for travel.

Our English language translation service is designed in such a way that at any given point of time when you need translation from any of the European languages to English or from English to another European language, we are able to meet the need. We have in our translator resources, professional translators whose mother tongue is any one of the European language and have good command over English due to their graduation in English literature.

English acts a link Language and therefore translation from any language to language must get into translation in to English and then from English to all European language.

Apart from Translation we also provide Interpretation, Website Localization, Voice over and Sub-titling in many European Languages.

How imortant is english language translation?

Importance of English language for business communication cannot be underestimated even though people prefer to get their message in their native language. English is a common language easily understood world over for business to business communication. So it becomes the first step for a European company having German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian or any other non-English language document to get it translated in English to transact with the outside world.

The English language is currently estimated as the third largest mother tongue in the world. However, it is unquestionably the first and most popular second-language. In fact, most of the information that circulates in our world – mail, radio, cable, internet, etc. – is in English. This language has become the working language or bridge language of our time.

Break the language barrier. Globalize your communication in English and then Localize by translating in the language of target market. Culturally connect with Indian, Asian and European Language speaking population.

How we can help you in building Global language strategy?

We are the language people for

  • Global companies for their Translation, Localization and Interpretation requirement from any language to any language.
  • Advertising Agencies and FMCG companies for Marketing Translation of copy matter and trans-creation of creative headlines.
  • Pharmaceutical companies for Medical Translation of medical research report and clinical trial forms in all Indian Languages.
  • We provide

    ✅Translators with domain knowledge

    ✅Projects Managers with experience

    ✅Technology usage for accuracy, speed and savings

    ✅Industry orientation



    ✅Competitive pricing

    ✅Specialist agency for translation into all Indian Languages

    Our range of services include

    Translation Services

    ✅Document Translation: Translation of letters, Visa forms, Certificates and any other documents.

    ✅Marketing Translation: Translation of Advertising materials and marketing collators such as User Manuals, leaflets, Brochures and promotional items.

    ✅Medical Translation: Translation of clinical trial forms, research reports, Doctor-Patient information booklet, leave behind leaflet.

    ✅Technical, Legal, Commercial, Government, and Financial Translation: We are certified agency recognized by government for providing translation service, approved by ISO for quality standards and trusted by clients for over 50 years for specialized translation service.

    Localization Services

    ✅Website Localization from English to Chinese is becoming essential due to growth of internet users by Chinese speaking population who prefer to browse only their local language sites.

    ✅Audio-Visual Localization from English to Chinese includes transcription of the film, translation, story-board, voice over, sub titling and post production to give completely localized version of the original.

    ✅Software Localization to make your software support multi-lingual application and be user friendly. We offer string extraction process that saves cost and time to go to market. The translatable strings from hard-coded files are replaced with a code template that links them to the language bundle or resource bundle. The application can handle multiple languages without having to write/maintain different code for each language

    Contact us: Send us your enquiries at 506, Reena complex, Vidhyavihar, Mumbai 400086 or email us at or speak to us by phone at +91-7066316633 for all your language related enquiries.