Bhasha Bharati- Translation Services

The organizations or companies that develop video games for children or adults target not just one country or region but several and in such a situation it is important to make it available in several languages. However, translation would not suffice the requirement; instead it would need more than that in the form of game localization services. As has been observed, in order to appeal the video games players of other regions or the language belt, the company should translate the features and other parts in local language.

Additionally, the game should be developed for the local players keeping their interests, lingo, practices and hobbies in mind. For instance, technical tasks, such as extracting strings from the code, etc. should be in the local language for the local consumption. Our process of localizing the games is standard one and most often it delivers the finest results that the customers desire:

Regional adaptation for focused approach and reach

Each region or country has specific rules, laws and permissions that should be kept in mind by the game developers. For instance, the games with blood, skulls, or religious symbolism are not permitted in China. Similarly, religious themes are unacceptable in Korea. Australia on the other hand, does not allow the games that show alcohol and drugs. Therefore, we keep all these factors in mind while localizing your games.

Translation with the local linguists

We have more than five decades of experience translating for our client world around. When it comes to game localization services we have set up a method of translating a game’s text and properties into another language. Nevertheless, a single person or a group of people may do it depending upon the specific requirements from the clients.

Professional Editing and Proofreading

Our linguists not just work to make sure that the game meets the specifics of the local demands but at the same our editors and proofreaders make sure that the translated content is as per the set standards. For instance, editors work on correcting stylistic and textual mistakes. They also ensure that the language is accurate and consistent in tone and tenor. Nevertheless, our proofreaders fix spelling mistakes and other typos that could generate misconceptions or misguide the users.

Seamless Integration

Not just the translation job but the editing, proofreading and then finally, integration plays vital role in the entire game localization process. Nevertheless, adding translated materials into the game could be a difficult task without a professional who knows the codes well. Our professionals with expertise modify and adjust the UI/UX to ensure it displays correctly and in the user-friendly manner.

Linguistic quality assurance for higher optimization

Game localization process that we have for our clients makes sure that everything goes as per the requirements. For instance, when we are evaluating the translation’s accuracy and adding it into the game, we make sure that it is tested at multiple levels for accuracy and authenticity.

Hire us for Exclusively Designed Game Localization

We at Bhasha Bharati Arts offer game localization that is understandable and accessible to a specific target audience. Needless to say once this parameter is met, the popularity goes up of the game and the company receives higher sales and subscriptions from the players. Our translators not only translate the video text but also adapt it according to the target audience while localizing the game to meet the ends. Our translators expert in their respective languages and make sure that the brand message reaches the viewers and makes the content relevant to the target market well.

We believe ‘Language is not a barrier but a powerful driving force provided translation is done by professional translators who are in-country native speakers of the target language’.