Bhasha Bharati- Translation Services
Value Addition

The value additions we provide

  1. Use of CAT tools

    We at BhashaBharati Arts use latest CAT tools software like Trados 2007, Trados Studio 2011, Word Fast Pro, Translation Workspace, Memo Q etc…for creating translation memory bank and terminology management for all our clients so that you save on translation cost, reduce turn-around-time while maintaining highest quality with consistency of translated word, phrases and terminology.

  2. Translation Memory Bank

    The source text is segmented into translation units by phrase, paragraphs and stored using TM tool. Once a text has been translated, it is “memorized” in a database for possible use in future translations - thereby we avoid redundantly and repeat translation from next project onwards. Leveraging the translation by using TM tool for 100% matches and Fuzzy matches, not only reduces cost but also saves translator time while maintaining the best quality.

    Advantages of Translation Memory tools

    • No Repeat translation done for the same word
    • Translation is consistent with right translation for the source word done across projects
    • Ensures the best quality
    • Speeds up the translation process as only new text which does not match while leveraging TM tool are given to translators
    • Reduces cost
  3. Terminology Management

    We at BhashaBharati Arts implement an effective approach towards terminology management to make sure that the localized products convey the message to target users in their own native languages and thus the consistency between software interface and any other user-facing components, like documentation and online help, is 100% guaranteed.

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