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Let language not be a stumbling block in the progress of your meeting.

Consecutive interpretation means interpreting consequent to completion of a paragraph so that the interpreter gets the needed time to comprehend the matter appropriately by taking notes and then interpreting without missing even a single point of relevance. The chosen interpreter should have understanding of the subject matter with deep knowledge of culture and stylistic difference that exist both in the language spoken and the language interpreted.

Consecutive interpreting is done mostly in a one-to-one meeting like discussion between buyer and seller, parent and teacher, Doctors and Patients etc.

The Interpreter is not a mediator but a facilitator for effective communication. Very often we come across situation where we have to deal with our business associates, franchise holders, customers, vendors who do not know the language. During such occasion, just make a phone call to us. We will send our interpreter after selecting the right resources that meets your requirement at the venue. You can easily hold your meeting without the worry that your view point could not be expressed properly.

We say ‘What you mean’ consecutively for better interaction

Bhasha Bharati Arts and Shakti Enterprise are professional interpretation service provider in India has a large pool of resources for providing Interpreters from any language to any language. Give us a brief of your requirement and background of the event, location and the subject matter involved for interpretation. We will submit our estimate based on the availability of resources that will fit the bill.

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Interpretation breaks the language barrier. Get Professional Interpreters in any Indian Languages.