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We say ‘What you mean?” in the ‘Bhasha” of “Bharat”.

Gone are the days when you would find it difficult to communicate with people who do not know your language. Bhasha Bharati Arts is a leading service provider from Mumbai has all the expertise and resources to enable effective communication by way of interpreting your message to your customers, suppliers, business partners and employees at conferences, seminars, trade-shows, meetings etc., in their language

As business continues to globalize, multi-lingual communication is a must to succeed in the global market. Translation, Localization, Interpretation and Transcription are essential services which enable you to “Say what you mean”.

Our Comprehensive range of Service for Interpretation

  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Medical Interpretation
  • Legal Interpretation
  • Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation is ideal when you have a large group of different cultures and languages meeting together to attend Conferences, Seminars, Meetings and listen to the speaker in their language and if need be interact also. Simultaneous Interpretation can be done either On-site or Off-site by way remote desktop connection for over-the-phone Interpretation.

Professional interpreters from Bhasha Bharati Arts has a large pool of resources of professional Interpreters who have a way of saying exactly what you mean in the language of the receiver by way of Simultaneous Interpretation.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is ideal when you have one-to-one meeting or discussion with a small group where the Interpreter who has the command over culture and language of the group is able to interpret for effective communication. It is also called face-to-face Interpretation. In Consecutive Interpretation, the interpreter gets the needed time to comprehend the matter appropriately by taking notes and then interpreting without missing even a single point of relevance.

Professional interpreters from Bhasha Bharati Arts has a large pool of resources of professional Interpreters who have a way of saying exactly what you mean in the language of the receiver by way of Consecutive Interpretation.

Medical Interpretation

Medical Interpreters use their skills to bridge the gap in communication between Doctors and Patients due to language barriers. Medical fraternity has their own conferences, seminars and meetings where people from different culture and different languages meet to interact. Doctors have a responsibility to communicate with patients in making them understand the diagnosis and treatment. For this, they may need an Interpreter who is available at the site or off the site ‘Over-the-phone’. These require interpreters who are certified by NBCMI.

Bhasha Bharati Arts and Shakti Enterprise based in Mumbai, India is an ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 15048 certified language service provider specializing in Medical translation and Interpretation service for over 40 years.

Legal Interpretation

Skillful legal interpretation calls for Including everything of what is said without omitting anything which the interpreter feels unwanted or repetitive.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Over the phone interpretation or telephone, interpretation is done to facilitate communication between two individual who do not share a common language. The telephone interpreter listens to the speaker, the message that requires interpretation in the language of the listener. After each sentence spoken to the interpreter by the speaker there is a pause to give time to the interpreter to translate in mind and interpret the spoken sentence to make the listener understand what the speaker, has said.

Why Bhasha Bharati Arts?

  • Over 40 years of repute
  • Trusted by companies worldwide
  • Native translator-linguist for interpreting
  • Specializing in interpretation from English to any of the Indian Languages
  • Certified Interpreters
  • ISO 2001:2008 and DIN EN 1508 certified
  • Quality Assurance
  • Timely Service
  • Affordable and needi-based language solution

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