Bhasha Bharati- Translation Services

Our in-country legal Interpreters are certified and recognized by courts

Skillful legal interpretation calls for:

  • Including everything of what is said without omitting anything which the interpreter feels unwanted or repetitive.
  • Preserve the tone and level of language as per original while interpreting.
  • Neither change nor add anything to what is said.

Who seeks legal Interpreters?

All those involved such as Judges, Defense Attorneys, Prosecutors, Law Enforcement authorities, Court Staff, Court Support Services, Defendants, Victims, Witnesses can make the best use of Legal Interpreters.

Legal Interpretation is often required when the defendant who has a low English Proficiency are given forms in court that are written in English. These forms are Plea forms, Rights forms or Court orders and rulings. Legal Interpretation is also used when foreign language documents such as birth certificates, personal letters, affidavits, identity documents are presented in court.

We provide ‘legally correct’ interpretation in all Indian Languages

At Bhasha Bharati Arts, we have a pool of professional interpreters who are specialized in court interpretation and certified by the courts within the jurisdiction of the country where they can perform the task of interpreting. They are legal interpreters and possess mastery in at least two languages and have experience in performing any type or modes of interpreting.

Interpretation breaks the language barrier. Get Professional Interpreters in any Indian Languages.