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Your website is the principal interface with the potential client.Confine your site to get took note.

Multi-lingual website in every single Indian Language is turned out to be the most financially savvy arrangement and fundamental fixing to enter Indian Market.

Multi-lingual website in all Indian Languages is proving to be the most cost-effective solution and essential ingredient to penetrate Indian Market. This is because of the phenomenal growth of internet users through Smartphones and the growing tendency to browse in local Indian language for product and service information.

Take the first step forward and localize your website for Indian Market.

Why you should localize your website in multiple languages?

In today’s digital world, your website can act as a powerful platform to attract traffic if it localized with linguistic SEO done. Multi-lingual Website is becoming more of a necessity than ever before due to the growth of local language website.

✅English has a limited reach in the global market due to the growth of other language websites.

✅India is among the fastest growing nation in the world in terms of percentage of internet users. One of the main reasons is the growth of internet usage facility in Rural India. Naturally, the need for local language website will increase soon.

✅Research indications suggest that people stay twice as long in their local language sites than in English website due to language affinity

✅Growth of Internet in India: The Digital India Movement led by Government of India’s ‘Make-in-India’ message and initiatives to expand internet usage has enabled phenomenal growth of Internet usage both in Urban and Rural India. A conservative estimate of growth of Internet puts India Internet Users at almost 500 million by end of the year 2018. With 6 million users are getting added every month.

Key Drivers for Growth of Internet:

    ✅High Penetration of Smartphones

    ✅Better Connectivity

    ✅Increased affordability

    ✅Increased Awareness

Bhasha Bharati Initiative for further growth

Despite the growth of the Internet, Internet Users as a percentage of total population is one of the lowest compared to most the countries the world. This is because English as a language is not the spoken language is not understood by the vast majority of Indian population. Given a choice of Indian Language Content by Website Localization, Web Apps and Mobile Apps in all Indian language, the language barrier for Internet usage will be removed and further growth of internet usage is bound to happen.

As language is a great barrier for further growth of Internet usage, Bhasha Bharati Translation Company, the pioneers in Indian Language translation since 1968, has equipped itself to provide website translation with linguistic SEO done in all Indian Language.

Website Localization in all Indian Language is the future of Direct Marketing

There is the growing awareness of advantage of digital communication due to Government of India’s Digital India Campaign. This has led to the demand for web content in all Indian Language. Multi-lingual website in major Indian Language is an immediate and cost-effective solution to reach out to Rural India.

Bhasha Bharati , the pioneers in Indian language translation, has all the resources to provide website localization in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Assamese, Bengali, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Urdu.

Website Localization Services in Your Language

We have done website translation in major Indian Languages as well as other languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Portuguese. Some of our clients for whom we have done website localization are TATA Group, Aditya Birla Group, Hero Motocorp, Incredible India website of Ministry of Tourism, Goa Tourism, Kerala Tourism to name a few native

Website localization in Indian Language is proving to be effective for penetrating in Indian market due to a surge of local language website and the growing tendency to browse in language for product and service information.

Website Localization in Hindi, followed by other Indian languages is possibly the first step as 70% of Indians are not familiar and comfortable with English.

Make-in-India and Market in-India

Whether you Make-In-India and Market-in-India or just want to Market-in-India, Website localization in all Indian languages is a must. English has a limited reach. India is a nation of diverse culture and language. In terms of speakers, each of the top Indian language speakers is more than any of the major European language speakers.

Tell us your marketing goals. We will suggest you the language combination for website localization in Indian Languages.

The dream of Digital India is not over till every Indian is adapting Internet for knowledge, trade and commerce.

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