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Speak out to your audience professionally with Voice Over Service!

Voice over has a very long history in movies, documentaries, radio and TV commercials. These days voice over is also used in E-learning projects, corporate presentations, a demo of a product etc. Though it may appear that anyone can do a voice over by reading written lines, the truth is different than that. For a good voice over job, you need an experienced voice-over artist who can understand the nature of the content and modulate his voice as and when it is necessary while giving emphasis on the important part.

Why Voice Over is necessary?

✅ Professional quality:

Poor audio quality will make your production substandard. There are many people who have good speaking voices, but they cannot necessarily provide professional quality sound when recorded.

Professional voice talent will only serve your purpose. Without professional quality audio, even a well-made video will appear to be the work of an amateur. Therefore businesses these days search for professional quality which is of prime importance.

✅ Attractive material:

The listeners must be attracted towards the content otherwise the project will fail. If they are bored or irritated by the audio of any audio-visual project it won't matter even if it contains attractive images or content. A good quality professional voice over can even make poor content interesting for the listeners.

✅ An Effective Environment:

A good, professional narrator can ensure that people not only listen to the information but also understand it. Voice quality makes the audience identify key points and as a result, information is retained in the listeners' mind. An experienced narrator will emphasize important words to engage the listener’s attention.

✅Quick completion of production:

A good quality professional voice over will save your overall cost by making the production time much shorter. An experienced voice narrator will not need too many instructions and will be able to give you desired results with only one or two takes.

✅Improvement in Sales:

If the potential customers find your audio to be of poor quality then, they will quickly move on to another. On the other hand, if they find the audio-visual presentation having good information, their chance of choosing your product increases.

Why Hire Us for Professional Voice Over Service?

We at BBA, deliver high-class professional voice over service in 100+ Indian and International languages. We use native voice-over artists who provide the accent, sophistication, and effectiveness that makes a voiceover successful for your business.

We safeguard your communications to meet the expectations of the local markets. Our voice over services helps our clients’ reach their target audience and ensure better communication.

Our voice over process blends project management, artists’ auditions, proofreading, quality control and editing to deliver the results you need. We offer voice-overs for several projects including Training Videos, Promotional Videos, Commercials, Animation, Scripts, Documentaries, Sales Presentations, Interactive Voice Response, Computer-Based Training etc.

Need a voice-over for your project? We can help! Contact us and let us know as in, how we can help you complete your next project.

We believe ‘Language is not a barrier but a powerful driving force provided translation is done by professional translators who are in-country native speakers of the target language’.



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