Bhasha Bharati- Translation Services

E-learning is expanding rapidly among the companies that are looking forward to expand internationally. Now-a-days, employees are taught about the company materials and training modules through videos and presentation slides. Bhasha Bharati Arts E-learning translation services include subtitles, voice-overs, and text translation. Our expert linguists bring their native language skills, as well as specific industry experience, to ensure precise and exceptional translations of your course materials.

The E-learning industry is a big business. Let us know some mind-blowing facts about this industry:

✅The US and Europe account for 70% of the e-learning industry.

✅E-learning increases knowledge retention from 25% to 60%.

✅Companies save between 50% to 70% when they replace instructor-based training with e-learning.

✅42% of companies say that e-learning has led to increased revenue.

Translation of E-learning Materials:

✅Text – if you are looking for text translation, we assure you quick turnaround time and reasonable rates.

✅Slides – We create multilingual slides and also provide desktop publishing services.

✅Slides and Voice-over – We add voice-over to your multilingual slides and informational videos.

Localization of The Content:

Multinational companies require learning content to cater to the multicultural needs of learners spread all over the world. Considering this, there is a high demand for translation services.

We provide translation & localization services to create E-content as per the target culture and region. We are equipped with a pool of native translators in all major languages of the world. We can translate the content in multiple formats as per the requirement, which includes video, audio, Flash, PDF, PowerPoint presentations, Word, amongst others.

If you are a company that has taken up training through E-learning, you can be rest assured to receive the best E-learning translation services from us, which will help you to widen your market. We follow strict quality standards and are ISO and DIN certified translation service providers.

We believe ‘Language is not a barrier but a powerful driving force provided translation is done by professional translators who are in-country native speakers of the target language’.