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We offer multi-lingual DTP and design adaptation solution

We have invested in Graphic design and DTP skills and trained them to handle any challenging task with confidence. Our team is well equipped to handle all latest DTP software like QuarkXPress,Adobe Photoshop, Frame Maker, PageMaker, WordPerfect,Paint Shop Pro, Coral Draw, Illustrator, and Indesign for designing, typesetting and formatting for artwork in any Indian and foreign languages.

We offer DTP and Design solution in the following ways.


    If you are based in the USA or having your offices at various location and need a centralized unit to serve your DTP need, it will make great business sense to outsource DTP services from us.

    Here are some of the reasons why outsourcing DTP from us is a great advantage:

    • We are based in India and therefore you get time-zone advantage.
    • We have specialist language DTP studio having expert DTP Operators.
    • Our Graphic designers are experts in image manipulation for your localization needs.
    • We can provide talents that suit your specific need and pocket.
    • Our costs are almost 50% less than the European and US market rate.
    • We have a quality procedure that abides by international standards.


    If you have regular DTP work which requires coordination, supervision and direction, you will naturally look for a staffing solution to save on cost. Instead of employing DTP and Graphic designers by recruiting talents available from the USA or in Europe, you will find it advantageous to get the right resources from us without employing them on your payroll. We have abundant resources of DTP with technical and design skills to meet your specific needs.

    Give us the brief of your requirement. We will provide staffing solution by way of providing the skill set to work on-site in your office location. This way you will reduce the cost of DTP hire by more than 50% as the cost of salary is very low in India compared to western countries.


    You can hire DTP resources based on specific DTP and Graphic designing skills and arrange to work on-site in your office, provided such resources are required to work within your office location in India.

    Some of the key DTP and Graphic Design work we do:

    • Text and Page Layout and formatting in any Indian and foreign language.
    • Specializing in the right to left orientation for Urdu, Persian. Arabic and Kurdish Language.
    • Matching font and formatting as per source file.
    • Layout changes.
    • Ready to print files in any DTP software.
    • Preparing Targa files for subtitling.
    • Software Graphical User Interface (GUI) DTP.
    • Localization of images.
    • Replacement of images for localization.
    • Enhancement, correction and manipulation of images.

    Here are some of the reasons why hiring from us is a great advantage:

    • Availability of skill-set on yearly terms without employing them on your payroll.
    • No need to waste time to training as they are already trained and experienced.
    • Reduction in operating cost.
    • Time-saving as the team is working on-site on your project only.
    • Direct coordination improves efficiency.

    Select your preferred choice and give us a brief of your requirement. We will send a proposal and costs for consideration.

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