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The marketing world is ever-changing – trends and technology keep updating. With global marketing advancement, your business also needs to stay up to date with new concepts and industry trends. To educate your customers about the latest technology and trends, it is essential to speak in their language. Here arises the need for marketing translation services.

Marketing translation is the process of translating marketing materials taking into consideration the cultural preferences of the target audience. Here, the marketing translator has knowledge of different writing styles and takes into account the specific culture of the target locale while performing translations.

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Marketing Translation - Things You Should Know

1. Local Cultural Context

Marketing translation must have local appeal. If the marketing translator is from the target country, he will understand the local culture easily. He will be aware of the photos and expressions which are not acceptable in the target culture. In this way, the translator takes into consideration the cultural implications of the marketing content.

2. Tricky Slogans

A copywriter carefully creates slogans. They are repeated so that the public can remember it easily. But, slogans are challenging to use in all markets. Therefore, it requires special attention and care to translate the slogans as they are tricky at times.

3. Tone And Style

Tone and style is an important element of marketing translations. It is vital to understand the target audience before starting with marketing translations. After a clear understanding of the audience type, the translator can determine which approach has to be used - formal or informal.

4. Voice And Value Of The Brand

It is essential to maintain the voice of the brand while performing professional marketing translations. Here, marketing content has to adapt to the local culture of the target market. The translator therefore has to choose appropriate words that convey the same meaning.

5. Colors And Imagery

Colors and imagery help to identify the brand. Many cultures associate different colors with feelings of good or bad things. For example, white is the color of peace in the West, but other countries of Asia associate it with misfortune. Therefore, a translator has to maintain the right balance between language and culture and a brand’s identity and message.

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