Bhasha Bharati- Translation Services

Bhasha Bharati Arts, your trusted partner for over 50 years in translation service, is pleased to announce the launch of Language Studio for multi-lingual advertisement material production.

Give us your original artwork. We will reproduce the same in any language and in any size for release. This means you will get trans-created language artwork in ready-to-print form, thus saving you time and cost of production.

Basis for Launch of Language Studio Service

1) Advertising Agencies treat translation as a production function and not a creative function

  • You have spent time and effort in conceptualizing and developing creative in English based on a certain strategy.
  • Your advertising agency has considered the target profile and language needs.
  • Your advertising agency has also presented a media plan which is multi-lingual.
  • What happens next is the assumption that the creative that is conceived in English can be adapted in any language and the impact of the original will not get lost.

Result: Boring language copy with no connect

2) Advertising Agencies presume that giving a brief on the concept is not needed since the job of translation agency is to translate the final English advertisement copy into the language with the same impact.

  • There is no brief to translation agency on the communication objective, the market, and the customer profile.
  • Translation Agency takes the source file in English and translates the same resulting in the proper translation.
  • A live example this is an advertisement of a Luxury Car that had a USP to promote “Provides space of your own” meaning thereby it gives the required private space and not to be confused with room space in the car.

Result: Proper Translation. Improper message.

 3) Advertising Agencies presume Localization of advertisement is not needed since the target audience is the same for English and language material.

  • People are smart to understand which is original and which is translated and adopted communication.
  • Failure to localize always produces an embarrassing result.
  • A high profile product message with proper translation will still read foreign unless the message is suitably modified for the environment. (Even though the TG is the same)

Result: Language orientation is an art, requiring specialized agency.

We are pioneers in providing marketing translation in all Indian Language. Due to our experience of over 40 years, we understand the need for cultural nuances and linguistic style needed to connect with the local market.

Engage us as your language partner for your multi-media campaign and get the cost advantage

  • Language studio service is dedicated resource and the skill set can be customized
  • Our overheads are low compared to agency standards.
  • Since Language Studio is an added service along with translation we can work out a contract rate which will work out less than 50% Advertising Agencies standard charges for language artwork.
  • Value for money -  It will give smile on your face.
We act as your Sub Agency. Our Language Studio Services (LSS) – will cover
  • 1) Testing of English artwork among language target group
  • 2) Trans-creation of creative headlines
  • 3) Linguistic and cultural adaptation of copy and design 
  • 4) Master artwork in Hindi and Tamil
  • 4) Adaptation of artwork in other languages