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Russian is an East Slavic language, the official language of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and widely spoken throughout Eastern Europe, the Baltic states, the Caucasus, and Central Asia.

Native speakers: 150 million (2010);

Russian as 1st and 2nd language speakers: 260 million (2012)

Russian is the eighth-most-spoken language in the world by number of native speakers (Source:

Russia is the largest country in the world. Historically it has played a major role in the world events, and still does.

Native and Non-Native Speakers of Russian (By country)

Armenia 1,591,246 52.7%
Azerbaijan 678,102 7.6%
Estonia 928,655 71.7%
Kazakhstan 10,309,500 84.8%
Kyrgyzstan 1,854,700 49.6%
Lithuania 1,917,500 63.0%
Russian Federation 137,494,893 96.2%
Tajikistan 1,963,857 25.9%

Economy of Russia

Russia's vast geography is an important determinant of its economic activity. Russia contains over 30 percent of the world's natural resources. It has an abundance of oil and natural gas and precious metals.

Main industries

Petroleum; Natural gas, Mining coal; Chemicals; Metals; Rolling mills; Machine building; Aircraft space vehicles; Defence Equipment; Shipbuilding; Tractors; Construction equipment; Electrical equipment Medical instrument; Scientific instruments; Consumer durables; Textiles; Foodstuffs; Handicrafts; Transportation equipment; Communications equipment; Agricultural machinery.

Information Technology

Russia is one of the few countries in the world with a home grown internet search engine who owns a relevant market share as the Russian-based search engine Yandex is used by 53.8% of internet users in the country

Why Professional Translation Service in Russian Language?

As many as 360 million people around the world speak Russian, making it the eighth most spoken language.

For Travel:

Russian offers a broad array of travel experiences, historic sites, cultural and sporting events. Some of the attractions for travellers are Trans-Siberian railway; Mount Elbrus; Valley of Geysers; Kizhi Islands; St. Sophia Cathedral; Lake Baikal; Kremlin; Hermitage Museum etc. As English has a limited understanding, translation from English to Russian gives a good understanding and appreciation of the culture and history.

For Business:

Business dealings with Russia becomes easier with English to Russian and Russian to English translation of business documents, letters, contracts, and any other communication.

Internet Users:

Russian has grown considerably, at a rate of 41.5% since 2011. 61% of the 143.5 million population are connected to the internet. We can expect the Russian content on the web to grow as more of the country comes online.

FIFA World Cup:

FIFA World Cup offers one of the greatest opportunity for professional translators by translating the event details. There is huge demand for professional translation from English to Russian and Russian to English, Hindi and other Indian languages.

We provide professional translation service from English to Russian at costs that are much less than the cost of translation by translation service provider in Russia, Europe or for that matter UK or USA. This is because of availability of Russian translators in Indiawho are cheaper than translators in Europe, UK and USA

We have in our resources, professional translators who understand the cultural nuances and regional differences as well as dialects in different regions in Russia and therefore they can provide appropriate translation to suit business and market need. All our translators are linguists. They have good command over English due to their graduation in English literature.

Apart from Translation we also provide Interpretation, Website Localization, Voice over and Sub-titling in Russian.

We provide

✅Translators with domain knowledge

✅Projects Managers with experience

✅Technology usage for accuracy, speed and savings

✅Industry orientation



✅Competitive pricing

✅Specialist agency for translation into all Indian Languages

Our Services

Document Translation: Translation of letters, Visa forms, Certificates and any other documents big or small from English to Russian and Russian to English

Marketing Translation: Translation of Advertising materials and marketing collators such as User Manuals, leaflets, Brochures and promotional items from English to Russian and vice versa.

Medical Translation: Translation of clinical trial forms, research reports, Doctor-Patient information booklet, leave behind leaflet from English to Russian and Russian to English

Technical, Legal, Commercial, Government, and Financial Translation: We are certified agency recognized by government for providing translation service, approved by ISO for quality standards and trusted by clients for over 50 years for specialized translation service from Russian to English and English to Russian.

Website Localization from English to Russian is becoming essential due to growth of internet users by Russian speaking population who prefer to browse only their local language sites.

Audio-Visual Localization from English to Russian includes transcription of the film, translation, story-board, voice over, sub titling and post production to give completely localized version of the original.

Software Localization to make your software support multi-lingual application and be user friendly. We offer string extraction process that saves cost and time to go to market. The translatable strings from hard-coded files are replaced with a code template that links them to the language bundle or resource bundle. The application can handle multiple languages without having to write/maintain different code for each language.

Why choose us?

We offer great cost advantage compared to similar services provided by professional translation services in Russian.

We meet all International standards for quality.

Our turn-around-times are quick compared USA, UK and European counterparts due to time zone advantage. 

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