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Translator Selection

Benchmark for Selection of Translator

Instead of choosing a translator who is cheaper, it is better to choose one who is the best fit for the job. The chosen translator should have command over the target language and excellent proficiency of the source language. Apart from this, he or she should have proven track record. That’s why professional translation service provider always relies on native translators who are not only certified but also have a proven track record. In fact many agencies have resource managers whose job is to keep updating their database of translators. They invite them for empanelment and negotiate with them for contract rate.

Translator Selection Criteria

  • Specialized Knowledge in domain
  • Translated at least 100,000 words
  • Two references for previous projects
  • Translate only into their mother tongue
  • Qualified in their technical areas
  • Residence proof
  • Copy of certificates and awards

Evaluation of the selected Translator

  • Sample Translation: Candidate submits sample translation from source English file provided.
  • Back Translation: 2nd translator back translates the candidate’s translated text back to English.
  • Validation: Internal validator compares the source English and the backward translation into English to mark differences.
  • Reports discrepancies: Project Manager discusses issues with translator and back-translator for generating final score.

How to ensure that translation service provider will give a top quality translation?