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Bridge the gap in communication

Medical Interpreter uses their skills to bridge the gap in communication between Doctors and Patients due to language barriers. Medical fraternity has their own conferences, seminars and meetings where people from different culture and different languages meet to interact. These require interpreters who are certified by NBCMI.

Medical Interpretation between Doctors and Patients

In Hospitals, Doctors get patients who do not know English. At such times they resort to the professional service provider for medical interpretation on-site or over the phone or by video remote access.

Medical interpreters help Non-English speaking patients to communicate with doctors, nurses and other medical staff. Patients may want to tell such information as the reason for visit, the past medical history and the problem the patient has. The medical interpreter then interprets the same to the professional using proper medical terminology.

The information such as medical and surgical procedures, medical care instructions have to be interpreted in order make the patient understand and accept the treatment that will be given and follow up actions.

Medical Interpretation during conferences and seminars

Very often professionals in medical fraternity want to exchange latest medical practices and advancement in medical sciences by holding conferences and seminars. They invite experts from various countries to give advice on the course of action to be taken for a critical surgery or treatment. The language differences are sorted by a professional medical interpreter who is certified and qualified to do the job and recognized by medical association in each country.

Our medical interpreters ‘Bridge the gap in communication

At Bhasha Bharati Arts, we have interpreters in all Indian language. They are experts from medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare Industry. We provide Medical interpreters to all individuals, Doctors, Hospital authorities at short notice.

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