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Over the Phone Interpretation Services

Over the phone interpretation or telephone, interpretation is done to facilitate communication between two individual who does not share a common language.

The telephone interpreter listens to the speaker, the message that requires interpretation in the language of the listener. After each sentence spoken to the interpreter by the speaker, there is a pause to give time to the interpreter to translate in mind and interpret the spoken sentence to make the listener understand what the speaker has said.

Over the phone, interpretation is cost-effective and on-line and quick. It is done for business to business conversion, doctor-patient communication, or any exchange of information between people of different language proficiency.

At Bhasha Bharati Arts, we have a team of interpreters in all Indian languages. Just give us a call at +91-7208885555 or ask for quotation specifying the language and membership packages.

Interpretation breaks the language barrier. Get Professional Interpreters in any Indian Languages.


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