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Technical translation is the process of translating texts related to technological subject areas from one language to another.

Performing accurate technical translation is not an easy task. It demands excellent command over technical jargon and languages. Certain product information and user manual need phonetic translation for an easy understanding of the term. These translations also require an understanding of the technical documents and the terms used in order to translate them accurately. Therefore, technical translators must possess a better understanding of correct technical terminologies.

The IT-BPM sector in India stood at US$177 billion in 2019 and is estimated that the size of the industry will grow to US$ 350 billion by 2025. (

Importance Of Professional Technical Translations

Technical translations help to provide precise and clear information to customers in their native language. This helps to reach a large audience.

The accurate translation of technical documents is necessary for smooth communication flow. We understand the significance of this and so, employ only experienced translators to provide high quality technical document translation services.

Company-Specific Glossary

Good command over technical jargon in both languages is also of great importance for creating the right terminology for the given field. To ensure that the correct language is used, we work with our clients to build a 'Glossary of Translated Terms' specific to their company or industry.

CAT Tools

We use the latest version of Computer-Aided Translation Tools (CAT tools) like Trados, MemoQ, etc. for managing consistency of terminology.

We also use translation memory tools to ensure the reuse of repeated paragraphs and sections without resorting to repeating translation. These tools help to increase quality, enhance efficiency, and keep the consistency of the translation intact.

To deliver quality products and to make the translated content more accurate and superior, we have:

✅Technical translators who are experienced technical writers with domain expertise and command over both source and target languages.

✅Project management team who has experience in handling projects related to technical translation

✅Localization engineers who are well versed with CAT tools

✅In-house bank of glossaries and technical term directory with translation available in Indian Languages.

Overview Of Our Technical Document Translation Services

Patents Catalogs Datasheets
Technical manuals Users Guides Safety reports
Service manuals Tender documents Training programs

Certified Technical Translation Services

Bhasha Bharati is one of the leading technical translation service companies in India. We specialize in complex technical communications that require the best professionals. These communications are typically for companies like engineering, construction, transportation, energy, industrial and various other industries.

Our professional technical translation services ensure that you receive high-quality translation services at competitive prices, within quick turnaround time.

We take pride in having experienced and qualified technical translators. They perfectly understand the terminologies used in technical translation and strive to make the final product reader-friendly.

For more information, take a look at our technical translation services and contact us today.

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Whether it is document translation or translation of technical, medical or marketing subject, we have domain experts to ensure top quality translation.