Bhasha Bharati- Translation Services

For the first time a Software solution that cost less and saves time.

Localization of software for mobile and web apps is an important factor to make your software support multi-lingual application and be user-friendly. Bhasha Bharati, a leading service provider for global communication has opened its office in Bengaluru just to meet the need of IT companies for Software Localization.

We have come out with an innovative solution for Software Localization that goes beyond translation.

String Attraction - We leverage technology to ensure language is not a barrier

We offer string extraction process which enables extraction of translatable strings from hard-coded files and replace them with a code template (ex. function) that links them to the language bundle or resource bundle. The application can handle multiple languages without having to write/maintain different code for each language.


  • No more multiple coding for multiple languages
  • Convert 1000s of files per day
  • Translator is given only with translatable text and not the programming code
  • Quick turn-around-time and high accuracy
  • Save cost each time you want to add languages

Make your software, language friendly and truly global.

Just entrust us as your language partner to get the benefit of providing single source solution for all your language translation and localization needs.

Go beyond translation. Take advantage of Digital Wave. Localize your website software and audio-visual communication for Indian Market.