Bhasha Bharati- Translation Services

Ever since the demand for machine translation has gone up, we at Bhasha Bharati Arts started developing a process wherein we could deliver the most professional services to our clients. Over the years we have made it possible for our clients to deliver the finest translation jobs with the help of automatic translation through machines. What matters the most in any translation job is, its authenticity, accuracy and acceptability at any part of the world and in all organizations of repute.

What is Machine Translation?

As the set process of Machine translation often called MT involves an automatic translation from one language to another, through machines that are built on artificial intelligence or AI, we are able to deliver the most proficient translation works for our clients. According to our clients the benefit of machine translation is that when they are in hurry and need translation in bulk, there is nothing better than machine translation services. We are using a range of AI tools to translate large swathes of text in a very short time and deliver quickly to our clients.

There has been tremendous development in the way translation works have been carried out by artificial technology based tools. In fact, a lot of changes have taken place in the last five years as before the machine translation products on the market were based on algorithms. In these algorithms the tools used statistical methods to try to ascertain the best possible translation for a given word. This technology was called Statistical Machine Translation that involved advanced statistical analysis to estimate the best possible translations.

However, there were some issues in this process as here only a possible word was coming into translated text. There was a lot of loss in the translation as meaning would get lost when the job is being carried out. In the last couple of years with the emergence of Neural Machine Translation the translation process accuracy is being achieved to great extent. In this process high level abstractions into data which is much closer to how it is undertaken by a human than the traditional statistical approach; this generates authentic translation.

Why should you choose Bhasha Bharati Arts?

First of all, we are a five decade old translation agency with proven track record. With the addition of machine translation services we have developed capabilities to deliver any quantity of translation within a stipulated time period. Additionally, with the AI based translation tools we are delivering the most authentic translation for all kinds of segments and disciplines that our clients are looking for. Our linguists would also help you find out which is the best tools for your text i.e. whether it needs human translation or machine translation would do the job.

Regarding the modus operandi of our machine translation services to our clients we can assure you that we place the linguist at the centre of our approach even in machine translation. This helps us increase quality and provide you with the authentic translation for all your requirements. You must know that machine translation can be a good choice for only a few kinds of content. For instance, if the content is not mission critical it could be a great idea.

Similarly, if customer requires translation in very short time and that too the content has lots of repetition such as user-generated content, video transcripts or product descriptions, etc. machine translation services could be the ideal one. Get machine translation as it is,

  • It is flexible in terms of quantity and quality
  • Retained layout, once the layout is fixed, it will remain unchanged unless desired
  • Quick turnaround for large quantities of texts
  • High security in terms of least human interface required
  • We believe ‘Language is not a barrier but a powerful driving force provided translation is done by professional translators who are in-country native speakers of the target language’.